Friday, January 01, 2010

Christmas Pajamas

So we are back in Portland after driving 8 plus hours on Tues the 29th... the last 3 hours through A LOT of snow in the Gorge. I'm still sick and my daily routine seems to be getting up, doing one project (i.e. cleaning out the refrigerator and scrubbing down, putting away Christmas presents, cleaning up kids play table in basement for the forth time this year), and then taking a 2 hour nap with the vaporizer running full bore... only to climb back into bed around 8:30pm and lay there in the steamy dampness. I am really, really tired.
But I have located my camera patch cord and can post some Christmas gifty projects!
These were the pajama fabric choices for this year:

There is always great excitement to see what prints I have managed to find for the pajamas. My nephew is quite the fly fisherman, and I was extremely fortunate to find a fly fishing print... which he was extremely excited about.

These are the recipients on Christmas Eve doing what they did for the entire week we were there. My youngest in the front removed something from Nana's floral arrangement for the picture... for extra beauty, I guess.

The gift wrap... I'm particularly pleased with. We stopped putting on bows or anything with 3-dimensions, since all the packages have to be packed into boxes to go to the farm. So this year I got out my stamps and found a silver pigment pad and went to work.

It looks all Martha Stewart-y. Also I am only buying one color of wrapping paper for EVERYTHING. So if you receive anything from me in the next 6-8 months it will be wrapped in red. I'm tired of having all these little bits of this and that left over.


Violet Craft said...

I love the pajamas Lori! Ours are puppies and rainbows this year. Happy New Year!!

mo said...

I love the prints and the jammies look fantastic! Feel better soon!!