Monday, January 11, 2010

Remember These?

Miss Elsie had a birthday party to go to and needed a gift. I was going to make a drawstring purse (which is what I usually make, and which meant- yet again- that Elsie herself did not get to choose the gift idea- which I was thoroughly reminded). So I asked Miss E what we should make, and she suggested "these braided ribbon barrettes"... which I TOTALLY knew what she was talking about.
I put on my 80's thinking cap and we whipped out this lovely set of 2 side barrettes and one fabulous barrette of ribbons and beads for the back.

The pink beads were attached to the barrette at the ends. I forgot to take a picture after we finished. It has already been boxed, wrapped, gifted, and unwrapped. I may have to make some for the Little Lady Herself.

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3anklebiters said...

i'm sure these will be well used and well loved! you are right, they stir the memory pot. i remember making tons of these and selling them at the craft sales at area Catholic churches each fall/winter.