Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sick... again.....

I am sick, yet again, this winter. Some cold thing this time, so hopefully it will pass quickly. So I'm going to post pictures of a "stash busting" yarn project that I knitted on the last time I was sick.

After completing several knitting projects, I seem to have an abundance of leftovers, so I let Miss E pick through the box and choose an assortment of yarns to knit up into one grand sweater. We were hugely inspired by Lina Mayfleet's sweaters in the movie City of Ember.

The sleeves came out this way....

... and the body came out this way. She really liked the red fuzzy yarn, and I barely had enough to do the front and back panels.

This was my first time knitting without a pattern. I took some rough numbers off of a children's cardigan, but made up the rest. It is a little wider than I anticipated, but looks really good on body. I'll post pictures when I'm feeling well enough to chase down Elsie and have her put the sweater on.

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3anklebiters said...

need some chicken soup? love the sweater (what a great movie to get inspiration from).