Saturday, July 06, 2013

Doll Clothes

I am back from two weeks in Idaho.  My family celebrated our Century Farm status on June 22 with a big party and a presentation of a plaque and sign for the farm.  The farm is 140 years old and for 130 years we have farmed the same land continuously.  To qualify for a Century Farm, the same land must be farmed continuously for 100 years, AND you must be able to prove this with supporting paperwork.

There was lots of yard work, tree removal, pruning, and general prep before the event.  Then my spouse and I flew off to Vegas for a lovely three nights to warm up and relax.  My parents watched the kids during that time which was the BEST anniversary gift ever!!!!  Hint:  you can give us that gift every year and there would be no complaints!

Since the 200 year anniversary of the farm is in 70 years, Mister e has gleefully agreed to arrange the festivities in 2083.  We can all rest easier now that those plans are in place.

 Yesterday, Miss E and I got busy with some doll clothes using this vintage pattern:

This is Molly... in need of some new clothes for summer.

All done!  The blouse has pin tucks and back buttons.  The skirt is a full circle skirt.

The clothing items in this pattern are constructed in the same way an actual garment would be constructed.  The waistband is clean finished and there is a lap opening in the back.  The blouse has clean finished plackets at the back.  Neither piece took long to construct.  It probably took more time to dissect the pattern instructions than to sew.  We just purchased two new McCalls 18" Doll Clothes patterns.  I am curious to see if the attention to detail is still as high.

Mister e said that he wanted a doll too.  We found these on Etsy... which are amazing.  Very few companies do boy dolls.  I wasn't ready to spend over $90 on a doll, so I thought we would go buy a doll at Target and boy-ize it with a haircut, lipstick removal and boy clothes.  However, after we got her out of the box, e has decided to keep her as a girl for now.  We will see how this progresses.

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