Monday, July 15, 2013

Seattle Part II.... Chihuly's glass

We also saw the Chihuly Garden and Glass at Seattle Center last week.  It was almost color and shape over load.  Part of the exhibit was inside in dark spaces with only the glass sculptures illuminated and the other part was outside with plantings complementing the glass shape and color.  In between the indoor and outdoor spaces was a glass house with a red, orange, and yellow undulating stream of glass sculpture dancing across the ceiling.

The first section included a massive display of Dale Chihuly's Pendleton Blanket Collection.  It was incredible to see them displayed this way.  The display must have been 20 feet high and at least twice as wide.  He has collaborated with Pendleton in the design of blankets combining his design aesthetic and their craftsmanship.  Dale Chihuly also has a book available about his connection to and inspiration from Pendleton blankets.

Moving past the blankets the fanciful, colorful and massive glass sculptures begin.

We were in Seattle in the spring of 2012 went the garden was being installed.  We saw the steel armatures being built and then other workers carrying in the glass sections and installing them.  It was exciting to see the finished sculptures and garden.

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