Friday, April 28, 2006

Has it really been a week since my last post??

The sun comes out, and I disappear to my back yard. I just love spring and planting things!
Wednesday was cloudy and cool all day so we did spend the day inside sewing. I made this outfit for Elsie.

I've been promising to make her some new clothes and just can't seem to find the energy or the time. The top and pant are from a Burda pattern. Burda has way cooler clothes for kids than McCalls or Butterick. Sometimes home sewing patterns can look.. well... homemade... as in "yes, I made this myself". Rather than "That is such a cool outfit! Where did you get it?". I usually strive for the latter comment. Another awesomely inspiring kid's pattern resource is Ottobre Design. Each magazine comes with all the patterns for every garment shown. I bought a subscription last year. Unfortunately, I haven't sewn anything yet, but the spring issue has some amazing things. Maybe this weekend I'll whip up a few more things for Elsie.

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Dorie said...

So cute! And I totally agree, Burda is the cutest of the fabric store pattern makers. Always striving for the latter...