Thursday, April 20, 2006

My crafty self...

I have been in touch with my Back Tack partner who is heading out at the crack of dawn to some amazing Quilt Show/Flea Market in Arkansas. At her request, I have posted things on my site to help her get to know me a little better... actually I should have done this months ago.... it was a very inspiring exercise.
After spending an hour in my studio, I was able to locate some of my stash to photograph. I have come to the conclusion that I am better at aquiring vintage goodies than using them in projects. I firmly believe that some raw materials need to age until the right project comes along, but I think I need to get moving!
Here is a tiny sampling of my treasures:
I started to hunt for old heat transfers a few years ago. Sometimes they are priced a little too high for my taste, but I was able to get a good deal on this stack. The pillow case was embroidered by my Great Aunt Ruth. She always made these for every family member for big events- high school graduation, marriage, etc. I aspire to embroider as well as she did... and she did it right up until the end while she was sitting in her chair with her oxygen.

I love, love vintage hankys. I use them for some of my children's skirts. Every once in a while a come across these scene or single image ones. I love the graphic style. This one is done by Pat Prichard, but I also have several by Tammis Keefe.

These fabrics were an amazing score at a city wide yard sale in my hometown in Idaho. I think I paid $2 a yard and the woman was VERY generous at estimating yardage. These will eventually be curtains in the house.

Assorted goodies... you can never have too much vintage ric rac or seam binding. The old colors are way better than that interesting primary polyester junk in the fabric stores.

My favorite purchase ever! I was looking for a vintage paisley for three years and found this one shoved in a trunk at a flea market. It does have some moth holes which is acceptable considering it is from the late 1800's. The laces on top of it are fine, fine cotton. One of the cards says made in France.

Detail of the lace.... so delicate... I'm saving it for a special project

This little project has made me realize that I really need to go through everything and press it and group it, so when I start a project I can find things! Maybe I'll sew a little something up for Miss Elsie this afternoon. We've had a long dry spell, and I'm getting inspired to creat a little something.


mo said...

oh that hankie is too much! I love the old rick rack myself!

melissa f. said...

I'm here via the Backtack site! I'm slowly getting better at using up old things that I love-- except when it comes to garage saled neck scarves. I love them SOOO MUCH. And they all sit, stuffed in the drawers of my vanity. *sigh*