Saturday, June 03, 2006

Great Grandma's Sewing Basket

My blog posting has become more and more infrequent unfortunately. I am so tired and spend most of the afternoons in a state of half-sleep with Miss Elsie circling the walls and bringing me "things". Usually the things are extra spoons, hair combs, toys, or the occasional item from the refridgerator. So that leaves only my mornings when I'm alert enough to do things. That said... this morning, I finally moved into my Great Grandma's Sewing Basket that I have had for several years and just never used....

I have put my knitting supplies inside and my assortment of UFO's....

Now I need to make a needle holder because they get all jumbled inside... especially with Elsie "checking on them" every half hour or so.
I never knew my Great Grandmother Mary. My dad remembers her always knitting even while she was visiting or hosting people in her home. Her son, my grandfather, could sew and darn socks like nobody else I've ever seen (he thought darning eggs were the most interesting things), but neither of my grandmothers knitted or crocheted. So I didn't have anyone in my family who could teach me. Fortunately I bought a good book and have many friends that do both, so it was not too difficult to learn. It's nice to be able to use the old sewing basket for something that the original owner would have approved of.

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