Sunday, June 18, 2006

On the road to recovery... and Happy Father's Day

I'm finally pulling out of this miserable cold. I really dislike the whole concept of the summer cold. Just when you are wanting to be outside in the garden and doing things around the house, it takes the wind out of your sails. All you can do is sit on the couch with your box of tissues and look at all the things you want to do outside.... which just makes you more miserable.
I managed to pull myself together yesterday and accompany the spouse to the Laurelhurst Neighborhood Garage Sale. Dave wanted to do this as his Father's Day event. This is a huge sale here in Portland that happens once a year. The neighborhood association prints out maps too! Although I didn't make it very long... due to still needing to rest from the cold... and still being tired from the pregnancy on top of it... we did score! I've been wanting some loungy furniture for the back patio. All we currently have is a 50's style round metal table and matching "bouncy" chairs. Not really a good spot for lounging with that drink... or bottle of wine for an entire evening. So we found this 4-piece set of wicker for $100!

It is not properly installed on the patio yet, but you can see the pieces. I can't wait to make some pillows and add some quilts.
We also found an old trestle school desk which will work well in the basement for Dave's letter press for only $10!!! For now it is in the garage, so I couldn't get a picture of it. But it is very heavy and very sturdy.
My parents are on their way to our house today for a visit and to help with some house projects, so the blog may be a big quiet this week. We are hoping to paint the living room among other things. Miss Elsie is so excited to have her Nana and Papa here and is already making plans.
And to all the fathers out there... Happy Father's Day! Especially to my dad (who is loading his tool box and paint clothes in the car as I type this) and to my wonderful husband, David (who is currently being awakened by his daughter 1 hour too early).

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