Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dahlia's for the Day

Here is the current bouquet on my desk...

The purplish ones are Voodoo (I think). The spiky fuchsia one on the lower right is a Juanita- one of my favorite cactus style dahlias. It is usually a prolific bloomer but the plant had an accident this summer and is still recovering. The orange ones are Swan's Olympic Flame. The rose buds are from Jude the Obscure- a David Austin English Rose.
There was a slight misunderstanding on my part with the plumbers. Apparently they were coming yesterday just to pick up their tools and NOT do anymore work. I had them at least hook up the utility sink, so we have running water down there for clean up etc. They will not be back until the framing is done, so for now we have two water heaters in the basement and few things unfinished.
The good news is that the framer arrived this morning at 7:45am and will be ripping out the stairs today. So we have a big sign on the basement door....

I like to get an early start on things, so the framer and I are going to get along perfectly. He is currently out buying lumber. I will post pictures as things progress.

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Jane said...

Beautiful flowers - love the dahlias, of course. What amazing colours.