Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fall is in the air

There was definitely a crispness to the morning today. Summer is ending and a new season is starting. I cut this bouquet for my desk....

I love the color that hydrangeas turn as fall approaches... all these great muted colors. I'm running out of blooming plants. Watering has again not been a huge priority over the last week. My dahlias are in between flowers, so I cut what roses I could find to add to this bouquet.
The framers have been here all morning ripping and tearing. We can now walk upright down the stairs. YAY!

I have plaster dust everywhere, but am not complaining. I no longer have to fold myself in half to get down to the washer and dryer.
Dave and I dug out our vintage doors that we will be using in the basement- a mostly glass one for the laundry room and a panel door with a window that will lead from the studio into the work shop. Hopefully the windows will allow some of the light to travel around from room to room. I dusted them off and washed the windows... they look so good! They came with the house when Dave bought it and have been stacked in the basement for over 10 years. Now they will finally have a home. We just have to figure out how to put them in a door jamb. Apparently the framer just frames the opening and does not hang the doors. Always something to learn.

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