Thursday, September 07, 2006

Quiet day....

Miss Elsie started preschool on Tuesday. She goes three mornings each week, so that gives me some quiet time to rest. This morning I finished Elsie's green socks...

She saw me knitting the little ones for the new baby and wanted some for herself. She picked out the green yarn, because she doesn't have any green socks. So I spent this morning tucked in my chair with my feet up, watching Cabaret and knitting. Very restful and my ankles and feet (recently known as cankles) are not as swollen today as they usually are.
Last night I had some seriously strong contractions about 4 minutes apart and thought we might be heading to the hospital sometime during the night. Alas, that was not the case. So I thought I should just rest today since I kept waking up at night every couple of hours.
My best friend is arriving in one hour to help me for a few days. YAY! She is going to help me clean and sort some things and finish up some projects before the baby arrives. I am so thankful. She is an absolute gem, and I'm just plain excited to see her anyway... even if we don't get many things done.
The framers will be back tomorrow at 8am sharp... hopefully I will have a staircase by the end of the day.... that would be nice.

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mo said...

Great socks! I would love to get some of those going over here. Hang on to that baby in there for a few more days so we can see you on wednesday! (It is wednesday, isn't it?!)