Monday, September 04, 2006

Let there be light... and no more piles of dirt

Today the last two windows were installed in the basement. The new one lets in so much more light. When you look out all you see is my cutting garden which is mostly green due to the mermaid camelia and the passion flower which is blooming.... just lovely. Also the floor is complete once again. The plumbers are coming back tomorrow (at 8am and they are punctual) to finish up.

We still have the old water heater in the laundry room. They will hook up the new one which is in a new location and cart the old one away.

This will give me more space in the laundry room to have a table and other things. The laundry room will have a wall built across the end separating it from the workshop and the sawdust. We want to put a glass door in, so all the light from the laundry room will shine into the workshop. We are not doing much to the workshop, so it will be the darkest part of the basement for awhile.
I can't wait for things to be finished.

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