Sunday, March 20, 2011

Goodies from the Expo

Here is my fabric haul from the Expo. I will have to post the books later.
The Betsey Johnson butterfly fabric that I saw on Pacific Fabric's website. They had it in the booth at the show. I bought enough to make one really big square scarf. Silk.... of course.

These interesting skirt panels. They are from a clothing line out of San Francisco who's name escapes me. The waistband has elastic yarns knit in, so I just need to sew up the side seams, hem the bottom, and turn the waistband to the inside and done. The horizontal stripes are wool, the rest seems to be a rayon. Feels yummy!

Cashmere and wool blend in a warm purple. Sultan at Fine European Textiles was dealing, and he made be me an offer that I couldn't say "No" to... so I bought two yards.

Beautiful black and cream linen.... I was touching, considering, looking at this roll when another woman (same age as my mom which goes to show that age has no bearing on politeness) grabbed it out of the rack in front of me!!!! I was ticked! So I came back early the next day, marched into the Vogue Fabrics booth, grabbed the roll and bought 3 yards without even questioning the purchase. Some things you just need to buy and not fanny about pondering the possibilities.

Now finding the time to turn these lovelies into wearables.

Probably not this week though. It is Spring Break and we are having a Home Improvement Stay-cation. We are tackling a list of projects and eating out A LOT. There will be no house cleaning just mass amounts of pruning, constructing, nailing, painting, etc. I will post pictures of the progress.

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