Friday, March 11, 2011

Some pics from the Expo...

I took some quick pics before I "learned" that you were not supposed to take pictures at the Expo. There were so many people there, I have no idea what they would do if they caught you taking a picture. A guard couldn't climb over 20 quilters and all their bags to takes away your camera.

It was a fabric gold mine for the sewer! There were two suiting vendors that carried gorgeous wools and Italian cotton shirting all the way up to alpaca and baby vicuna (at $170 per yard... which was the discounted price). I bought a couple of yards of cashmere/wool.

Lots of ideas in all the booths. Most of the booths were for quilters, but every now and then I would find one stashed with fabric, trims, and BOOKS!!! Lot's of good books.

I will try to post some of my treasures later today.

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