Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Project-o-rama... Day 3... I think

Since we do not own a pick-up, we rented one from U-Haul. Be warned! They do not want any scratches, dirt, dents, or mess on, around, or inside the pick-up when it is returned. Especially the decals!! Heavens, do not scratch the decals! Honestly, why do they think people rent pick-ups!??!
So the debris was carefully packed into the delicate pick-up and hauled off yesterday.

Much of the rest of the day was spent planning/designing the fence. So that today we could start executing.
Here is the existing fence with the left side all scrubbed and the right part not. Quite a difference!

The scrubbing was my job this morning. My hands are so sore that I can barely type. After the scrubbing, we starting laying out the location of the fence posts... and that's when the challenges showed up.
We worked with our neighbor and dug a trench along side his garage foundation. This should have been done years ago (like three owners ago) but it needed doing before we put in any fence posts.

And just as we suspected, when the trenching was done, there wasn't enough dirt left to support our planned fence design. So we are modifying some things. Here is the spouse chipping away at the cement squares that were attached to our brick fireplace. In the foreground you can see all the bricks, stone, and concrete parts we dug out of the ground during the trenching.

And over here on Craigslist are the cement squares if you want them!
EDIT: They are gone!! I LOVE Craigslist.

We are now off to buy fenceposts, cement, and wire mesh.

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