Saturday, May 06, 2006

Tired, tired... oh yeah, did I mention I was tired?

I have been extremely exhausted this last week (hence the no posts for a week), spending most of each day on the couch in the TV room. All the blood tests that the doctor has done indicate that I am just fine and nothing is wrong. Apparently it is just general pregancy weariness. However Miss Elsie doesn't want to play quietly from 10am until 2pm which is about how much additional, horizontal rest I need each day. I've shifted my eating around a bit to include more protein and iron and am also taking an iron supplement. I seem to have a bit more energy and am spending less time on the couch.
Since I'm not up to much gardening, house cleaning, or anything physical, I've decided to tackle my knitting pile of UFO's. I was trying to knit Miss Elsie a skirt last November, and did not follow the directions. The skirt is knit in the round and required two rows of reducing stitches (knit two as one). My first attempt, I only reduced 1 row and did not wind up with the cute flirty ruffle at the bottom. Also the finished width of the skirt was large enough for two Elsie's. So I gritted my teeth and started to unravel and re-knit. That is when I discovered the challenges of unravelling on fuzzy yarn. What a nightmare! The first few rows of un-knitting almost wound up as a giant felted mass... but I perservered and am about 5 inches in length away from finishing the skirt. It is probably a little heavy for spring/summer, but I'm adding a bit to the length for this fall. I will post pictures later.

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