Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Back from San Francisco

We are back from an extremely hot San Francisco. While the spouse worked, Elsie and I had a great time shopping around and hanging out in Union Square...

Then she and I had dinner one night at the Floating Boat Sushi Restaurant in Chinatown.

Elsie was surprised to see boats rather than the usual conveyor belt. It was very exciting.
Our hotel room was really cool... (note the tiny bather peering over the edge of the tub)

Cool in the design sense, not cool in the heat sense. It did not have air conditioning and there was a heat wave on. I think it was in the 90's while we were there which is very unusual for San Francisco. I was hoping it would have been in the low 70's... which it was the week earlier. The hot temperatures and no AC made for some sleepless nights... especially since I get up every 3 hours to go to the bathroom.

Most of the rooms in the Hotel Des Artes are painted by graphic designers.
Ours was painted by Jet Martinez. The gold is all gold leaf. The location was great... right next to the China Gate around the corner from the Hotel Triton.... and the prices are really reasonable. I would recommend it for anytime, but in the heat of summer.

Of course Portland was at the end of a heat wave when we came home Sunday morning... and with the hot being completely closed for four days it was a balmy 87 degrees inside. Since the outside temperature was already nearing 90 degrees, there was no way to cool off the house. Finally today we've been able to keep the inside temperature under 80... much better... and my feet and ankles aren't swelling as much!

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