Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Good things in the mail last week...

I love ordering things from the internet. Sometimes it takes so long for things to arrive that you have forgotten you ordered them in the first place and are pleasantly surprised by a box on your front porch.
Hillary posted a picture of some awesome Keds shoes. Little slip-ons... kind of ballerina-like. I gave up wearing shoes with laces about a month ago (too hard to reach past the belly) and these little ones were perfect....so I ordered my own....

... that's Miss Elsie acting as hand model.
I also received my first order of stuff from Yes Asia. I had seen these sewing books on a few different blogs most recently on Crafting Japanese. The pictures are absolutely precious and all the patterns are in the back of the book.

ISBN 4-579-11091-9
ISBN 4-579-11054-4

They came really well packaged so not even the post office could damage them. They were individually bubble wrapped and wrapped again in plastic. I think I may be ordering some more books. Mariko at SuperEggplant has been making some darling things for herself out of another Japanese sewing book.

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