Friday, August 04, 2006

Back from Boise... and a lesson in yarn...

Elsie and I returned from Boise on Tuesday. We had a wonderful time and Elsie enjoyed playing with her cousins. Miss Natalie loves her pointy kitty! The kitty is a nice portable size. However, the biggest hit were the dress up shoes that Elsie and I gave her. She put them on and did not take them off. She wore the skin off her little toes, but still would not remove them.
I had some contractions one night that sent me to the hospital for some monitoring, but everything is fine. Eventually the contractions stopped, but I took it easy the rest of the visit. My dear sister watched all three kids while I took a 2 hour nap every afternoon. And I did a lot of knitting.
I had purchased various yarns completely disregarding weight and recommended needle size. I am still a novice knitter and didn't know quite how important this was.... until I produced this interesting pod-type sock (the marled one on the left)....

Both my sister and I think it would fit their dog much better than a 3 month old child. The solid red sock on the right is done with the same number of stitches and same size knitting needles, but using a finer yarn. This was a good learning experience. The pod sock will be unravelled and turned into a hat because the yarn is so cool... can't waste it.
My sister and I also logged some time with Jane Austen watching both Sense and Sensibility AND Pride and Prejudice.... the latter one twice. Several visitors to my blog recommended "Sense and Sensibility" since I was so enamored with "Pride and Prejudice". Both were wonderful movies, and we totally swoon for Mr. Darcy. It was great to have some sister time... even if it meant staying up until midnight.

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