Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Some more monitoring....

I had small contractions all weekend and called the doctor on Monday for some advice... which of course meant spending the afternoon at the hospital attached to a monitor. I'm at 32 weeks which is a little early to have the baby. The lungs will not be fully developed yet. They were able to do a test to determine if I am going to deliver in the next two weeks. Fortunately the test was negative, so I have a two week window to get some things done.... HOWEVER, I'm waiting for a call from the doctor. I have a bad feeling that she is going to put me on modified bed rest which is no fun when one is trying to get some house projects done.
And of course while all this drama was going on, I had to cancel my meeting with the plumber for the basement project!!!! He was going to come out and schedule a start date! Once he starts, the project is underway. Hopefully he can come out this afternoon.
I have done zero work upstairs on the kids' rooms. The first step involves cleaning out my studio enough so we can paint the walls for Elsie. And the nursery is still very girly. The walls are chartreuse which we will leave, but one wall has hot pink stripes and the inside of the closet is hot pink... so we don't have a lot of repainting to do but some. We will paint over the pink with the leftover living room color and I found this great brown fabric with dots for the curtains....

... and here is another picture with our living room color in it. I really do love this color.

That is one giant hydrangea blossom... very big and very beautiful. One of the houses on our block had about 5 of this type of hydrangea shrub out front. The owners started ripping them out much to my dismay, but they offered us one. I jumped at the chance and headed down with my wheelbarrow. Unfortunately they cut off quite a bit of the roots, so it took about 3 years before it was established enough to start sending up these giant mopheads. This one is about 10 inches across and not the biggest one on the plant. I do love hydrangeas... especially the color.... maybe I need a purple room in the house somewhere.... we've been talking about adding some color to our white on white bathroom... the spouse will have a nervous breakdown if I add another project to the list

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